Ariada was founded in 1992 on the spot of a former barren land in the city of Volzhsk in the Republic of Mari El. The firm began from 50 workers and was occupied in manufacture of metal roofs. At the moment, the enterprise is one of the Russian leaders in the field of manufacture of import-substituting shopping and refrigerating equipment and modern construction materials.

The main manufacturing facility is located in the industrial area of the city of Volzhsk. Its total area, at the moment, amounts to 30 ha. The area of manufacturing premises exceeds 65,000 sq.m. The enterprise is supplied with heating from four compact gas boilers operating automatically.

The company employs more than 1600 people, the manufacture runs 24 hours a day. ZAO Ariada has a developed dealership networks, namely, more than 200 companies throughout Russia, which enables us to supply to our customers, to maintain and to service the products of the company in a timely and quality manner.

In 2012, the second manufacturing ground of ZAO Ariada was opened in the town of Safonovo, Smolensk Region. The grounds are equipped with a line for continuous filling of sandwich panels (Saip), the line produces wall, roofing sandwich panels. Dimensions: 1000 mm roofing, 1180 mm wall panels. The manufacturing capacity is 1,500,000 sq.m.

Products and quality.

ZAO Ariada is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment in Russia. These are refrigerating and freezing aggregates, units and chambers, display cases and bonnets, monobloc refrigerating machines, split systems, air coolers, condensers, etc. supplied both to Russia and to East Europe countries. Components by well-known European refrigerating systems, such as compressors of Bitzer, Copeland, Tecumsen Europe, Danfoss are applied in the manufacture. Automation instruments, shutoff and control valves are also represented by products of global brands: Danfoss, Alco Controls, ABB, Eliwell. The delivered refrigerating equipment undergoes controls for compliance with European quality standards, technical requirements and certification standards.

The construction sandwich panels are manufactured using energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, non-combustible materials. The main advantages of such structures are their high technology, little weight, convenience of transportation and installation, fire safety, durability, environment friendliness. Modern imported equipment is used for manufacture of the panels, which guarantees a high accuracy of dimensions, and, respectively, a faster installation process. Sandwich panels by Ariada, of THERMOLUX brand, are highly demanded by consumers due to a range of material advantages compared to conventional metal structures. First, they are 2-3 times lighter, and 2-3 times cheaper. Second, bolted joints are used instead of conventional welded joints, which are more convenient, simpler, and more reliable. Third, polyurethane foam and non-combustible PIR (polyisocyanurate) – products by European (England, Germany) nanotechnologies are used for the filling. In Russia, Ariada is the only company to use such technologies.

A new field in the business of ZAO Ariada is manufacture of leave-in-place forms. It is a unique technology widely applied in the West Europe to construct monolithic houses using energy-preserving and environmentally friendly materials. Elements of the forms resemble children’s connect kits but have dimensions of 1200x300x250 mm and weigh 750 grams. They are convenient to transport and to assemble. The forms are made of polystyrene certified for environmental friendliness. Polystyrene foam absorbs virtually no moist. It means durability of houses in the “polystyrene fur coat” stuffed with concrete. In appearance, polystyrene foam looks like foamed plastics, but it is stronger and harder than it by times. A wall of the polystyrene foam, same as a wooden one, is capable of breathing. Moreover, the polystyrene foam, unlike foamed plastics, is self-extinguishing. While burning, it decomposes to produce carbon dioxide and water that contain distribution of fire. Labor intensity and construction times are reduced compared to traditional methods 7-10 times. As a result, a house or a small cottage can be built within as little as one and a half or two weeks.

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