ZAO Ariada is an enterprise featuring a full manufacturing cycle, it is fitted with all necessary workshops and services to manufacture complex items.

High-quality only materials are applied for the manufacture.

ZAO Ariada recommend that the equipment should be fitted with available optional energy-saving units:

- energy-efficient fans (consumed power of 9-15 W/pc instead of standard Q-motors of 25-30 W/pc.

- Electronic control gear for volume lighting lamp that reduce the power consumption of the system by 25-30%

- LED volume lighting reducing the power consumption of the system by more than 2 times

- Modular glass covers for freezing baths and frontal glass units for wall-side cabinets enabling to reduce costs of cooling machine by 25-30% due to a decrease in the value of the required refrigeration capacity of the equipment and by reducing direct power costs by up to 40%.

Thus, ZAO Ariada do not only care for reduction of consumer costs for operation of refrigerating equipment built in-house, but also contribute fairly to the preservation of the environment of our planet for future generations.

The company possesses a certificate of compliance of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of Russia certifying the quality system applicable to the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of the products meets requirements of ISO 9001-9002.
Our company disposes of our own fleet of vehicles, which enables us to deliver our products to all regions of Russia or abroad.

The manufacture features a high degree of automation, which makes it possible to achieve 100% quality and uniqueness of items.

Workshops of the manufacturing facility are fitted with cutting-edge machining centers, automated lines, where the equipment enables to maintain the set process parameters at all manufacturing stages.
The manufacture features a section of robotized lines of the mechanical workshop.

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